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The ECOFOREST domestic range of heat pumps allows substantial savings thanks to Inverter technology and ecoGEO control strategies.

We are the first European manufacturer to incorporate Inverter technology, and today we have more than 5 years of experience in the market.

Our R & D department has developed control software, which makes the ecoGEO ground source heat pumps the most intelligent and flexible on the market. This, unlike usual, allows us to adapt the heat pump to the installation, not the other way around.


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ECOFOREST Technology


The EASYNET connection allows a quick and easy control of the heat pump from anywhere in the world.


The HTR Technology, developed by ECOFOREST, increases the performance of the installation by 15 to 20% and allows to increase the temperature up to 70ºC DHW.


Hybridization allows savings the number and/or depth of boreholes. Even when the available surface is not enough for horizontal collection circuits.


It is possible to manage cascade up to 3 units, which allows power modulations in the 90% installation and manage up to 12 shunt groups.



HTR, exclusive technology by ECOFOREST


The HTR technology is an exclusive technology by ECOFOREST that allows the simultaneous production of heating/cooling and DHW up to 70ºC.

This system significantly increases the overall performance of the installation, which results is substantial savings on our energy bills.

At the same time it provides greater comfort, as it is not necessary to interrupt the production of air conditioning when there is a moderate demand for ACS.

In the image you can see two zones corresponding to two modes of operation.


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