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energy managements

Intelligent energy managers, ecoSMART e-manager and ecoSMART e-system

The energy managers ecoSMART, e-manager and e-system, manage the surplus of a renewable source through modification of the Ecoforest heat pumps parameters in real-time.

The energy consumption of any installation is divided into electricity, heating and cooling, and usually the higher energy demand comes from the thermal circuits.

This is why the R&D department has developed a product that, using the potential of Ecoforest heat pumps with his INVERTER technology, manages the energy storage in a more efficient way.

Below follows its features.


1. Net zero balances between production and consumption

When there are surpluses from a renewable source, the energy manager starts charging the batteries. Once the batteries are charged and the installation thermal needs (DHW, heating and cooling) are covered, the energy manager continues to take advantage of these surpluses through thermal storage.

How? The energy manager is continuously monitoring the values of injection and consumption of the electrical grid. When there is surplus of energy production, grid injection, and the thermal demands of the installation are covered, the e-manager communicates with the ecoGEO heat pump to modify its setpoints and force the heat pump to run using only this excess of energy. This way is possible to store energy in the form of heating or cooling, achieving a performance of the heat pump (around 500%) at zero cost.

*Graphic representing a house with a 10 kW photovoltaic installation and a ecoGEO heat pump

The graphic represents the consumption and production of energy of a full day, where the grid consumption during the operation of the heat pump is zero. During the period where there is surplus of photovoltaic energy, the e-manager comunicates with the heat pump to increase the setpoint of the DHW tank, this way thethermal energy produced by the heat pump is stored at zero cost.


2. Smart Grid Ready in all the range

The software and the control strategies of the ecoSMART energy managers in conjunction with our range of heat pumps, makes the entire ecoGEO range «Smart Grid Ready».

3. Power limitation of all the installation

It is possible to configure a limit of the total electrical power consumed by the installation. If the consumption level is close to the set limit, the ecoSMART energy managers communicate with the heat pump so that it reduces its electrical consumption through modification of the compressor speed, this way we can provide more flexible installations.


4. Non-critical loads activation when all the demands are covered

The ecoSMART managers have four relays used to feed non-critical loads of the installation. These loads will only be activated when the installation continues to produce energy surpluses, the batteries are full and the thermal demands, DHW, heating, and/or cooling, are covered. The power and connection times of each load are configurable, the disconnection of the loads can be done by: level of power consumption, timer, digital input or manually.


5. Tariff control to adapt the consumption to the contracted tariff

It is possible to establish schedules to correspond to the peak and valley electricity rates for the summer and winter periods.

The heat pump will produce more thermal energy when electricity price is lower and will reduce his electrical consumption when it is more expensive. This allows a considerable savings in the electric bill.





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