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The ecoSMART e-system is an energy manager that, together with the Ecoforest ecoGEO and ecoAIR heat pumps, manages to store thermal and electrical energy achieving the most efficient installations on the planet.

This equipment is composed of a Solax Inverter and up to 5 LiFePO4 battery modules.

° Net zero balances between production and consume
° Smart Grid Ready
° Power limitation of all the installation
° Possibility to connect up to 4 non-critical loads
° Tariff control to adapt the consumption to the contracted tariff
° Modular battery design. Accumulation capacity: from 2.4 kW up to 12kWh
° Protection against overcurrent, overvoltage and high temperatures
° Maintenance free



Characteristic      Value 


   CONTROL (e-manager)
   Control power supply 1/N/PE 230V / 50 Hz
   Maximum working power 63 W
   Maximum current 0,5 A


   Output power (AC) 4,6 kW
   OPutput voltage (AC) 230V, 50/60 Hz
   Input power (DC) 5 kW
   Input maximum voltage (DC) 550 V


   BATTERY (LiPoFe4)
   Voltage 48 V
   Capacity 50 Ah / 2400 Wh


   Connection with ECOFOREST heat pumps Modbus
   Number of batteries modules (LiPoFe4) Up to 5 units, 12 kWh
   Height x Width x Depth -
   Unladen weight (without packaging) - kg

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