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Why pay for something that is a gift of nature?

The Ecoforest domestic range of heat pumps allows for substantial savings thanks to the ecoGEO technology and its control strategies.

We have been the first European manufacturer to incorporate Inverter technology, and nowadays (we have) are backed by 5 years of experience in this type of heat pumps.

Our R&D department has developed a control software, which turns the ecoGEO geothermal heat pump into the most intelligent and flexible on the market. Unusually, this allows us to adapt the heat pump to the installation, not the other way around.



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How does an ecoGEO heat pump work?

An installation with an Ecoforest heat pump always works with 3 circuits. Ecoforest technology allows the user to adjust all the heat pump components so the 3 circuits work in perfect harmony, consuming the least energy necessary to satisfy the needs of the user. A brief summary of the three circuits is presented below.

Collection circuit

The Ecoforest heat pump circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze agent called glycol through the brine system using a highly efficient, variable speed circulator pump. The purpose is no other than to extract energy from the medium, whether it is earth or air, made possible by the difference in temperature between the medium and the surrounding environment. This is why Ecoforest heat pumps are highly efficient machines; they use the surrounding environment to heat our homes.



Standard refrigeration circuit

1 Evaporator. The evaporator is a heat exchanger where the glycolated mixture exchanges the energy absorbed in the collection circuit with the refrigerant contained in the refrigeration circuit. This energy is enough to heat and boil the refrigerant, since it is essential for the heat pump to work properly, that the refrigerant in completely in gas form.

2 Compressor. When the refrigerant in gas phase that exits the evaporator passes through the compressor, it turns into a gas at a very high temperature - which will be used in the next step.

3 Condenser. The condenser is another heat exchanger. The refrigerant in gas form and at high temperature that exits the compressor yields its energy to the water circulating through the condenser, increasing its temperature and allowing the generation of heat and domestic hot water.

4 Expansion valve. The pressure and therefore the temperature of the refrigerant drop suddenly on passing through the expansion valve, thus returning to the conditions necessary to restart the cycle.


Heating/Cooling circuit

This part is similar to any other heating system. Ecoforest heat pumps impel the hot water through the emission system (underfloor heating, fan coils, etc.) using a highly efficient, variable speed circulator pump to heat the home and guarantee the comfort you want - ecologically, automatically and very efficiently.


Why is it so efficient?

The reason is because a high percentage of the energy delivered to the home, between 70% and 80% approximately, comes from the collection circuit. The rest of the required energy comes from the compressor. On this component, Ecoforest applies a series of control strategies that adapt the consumption to the user´s needs.

The Ecoforest ecoGEO heat pumps incorporate the main elements, circulation pumps and expansion vessels of primary and secondary circuits, manometers, thermometers, energy meters, and other elements, necessary for proper operation.



The performance, (COP, in heat mode and EER in cold mode), will be the power delivered to the home divided by the electrical power consumed by the heat pump.



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