• PCM/Wind Vented Roof System

    PCM/Wind Vented Roof System

    Saves Energy * Significantly Less Landfill * Less Labor * Better Warranty * Lowers Heat Flux Up to 80%

The Problem

The Solution

PCM/Wind Vented Roof System



A Whole New Way to Think About Roofing

The ERC Wind Vented roof system literally uses the power of the wind’s negative uplift effect, to hold a flat roof system securely in place against the very force that is most destructive to a roof… the wind.

If you’ve ever wondered how a plane manages to take flight, let alone stay in the air – it is due to the “Bernoulli Principal”. When air hits the rounded edge and curved face of a plane wing, the air flow ABOVE the wing travels faster than the air flow BELOW the wing. This creates a difference in pressure, which has a lifting effect.

It is for this same reason that an increase in wind speed ABOVE a roof, with practically NO wind speed below the roof creates an UPLIFT effect… the most damaging problem for a roof.

The ERC wind vented roof system uses proprietary one-way-vortex valves installed at the perimeter of a roof to provide pressure relief. This pressure relief then creates a suction or vacuum effect that literally holds the roof system in place the harder the wind blows!


Infinite-R™  Phase Change Mats

Infinite-R™ Phase Change Mats

Energy Savings that Pay For Your Roof

Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Comfort
Thin, Lightweight & Easy to Install
Store “Off-Peak” for daytime use!
Fast Payback: Heating & Cooling Savings

Phase Change Materials work like ice inside a cooler. As they melt, they absorb heat without changing temperature until completely melted. As they freeze, they release that heat back again.

Infinite-R™ can be located within your roofing system to shield your building from hot roof temperatures in summer, while stabilizing interior heating temperatures in winter and stopping drastic temperature drops overnight during “un-occupied” cycles.

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