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Hyperikon advanced LED bulbs can enhance your home or office with bright, white light, while reducing your carbon footprint and your electric bill. The elegant design provides increased life when compared to less-efficient incandescent. Hyperikon LED lighting can improve ambience, energy-efficiency and comfort in your home while delivering performance you can count on.
Switching to higher efficiency LED lighting can help reduce your electric bill, preserve our environment and create the perfect lighting for your home. With bulb shapes available in PARs, BRs, MR16 spots and floods, A-shapes, candles and specialty bulbs, Hyperikon’s family of LED light bulbs offer a wide range of solutions for household applications. A simple switch can make a difference in the home and environment



Spot Lights - Par Series

The PAR-series is not a flood king without coincidence. These bulbs simply have it all. A strong light output, a universal fixture fit, smooth heat dissipation and a modern design. The PAR-series does not fail to impress – and its Amazon bestseller status definitely reflects this fact.

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Flood Lights - BR Series

The PAR-series’ evil twin. Both the PAR-series and the BR-series maintain extraordinary lighting capabilities with the beam spread being the only difference between the two. The BR-series provides a beautiful 110° beam spread ideal for low ceilings, while the PAR-series provides a 40° beam spread ideal for spot lighting and high ceilings.

Tubes - T8 Series

The Hyperikon tube lighting series is like nothing else you will find in the market. Every single tube is certified to comply with highest standard of T8 LED lighting. Select Hyperikon T8s now come with rotating as well as dimmable features – don’t hesitate to ask us for more details on our all-time bestseller.

Filament Lights - Candle Series

The first LED candle bulb to successfully capture the retro aesthetic look of a chandelier bulb, while maintaining all of the LED advantages. By drawing only 4W, the lighting can match that of a 40W incandescent candle – while outlasting the lifetime same exact bulb more than 30 times.

Down Lights Series

The ceiling star will make your surroundings shine bright like a diamond. With a wide array of color and size options, the downlight series has everything you need. The integrated lighting+housing solution is ideal for new construction but also existing fixtures that simply needs a modern long-lasting replacement.

Led Bulbs - A-Shape

(The A-Shape bulb is an inevitable lighting component in today’s day and age.) Since the introduction of the Edison bulb, this marquee bulb has paved its way into residential and commercial settings of all kinds. Throw away those 100W and 65W bulbs incandescent bulb and start saving 85% with Hyperikon A-Shape.


The days of shady industrial buildings with poor narrow lighting are finally over. The Hyperikon® LED Wall Packs will enhance and secure your buildings for years to come with 45,000+ hours of lifetime. With more than 5 national certifications and a 5 star reputation you cannot go wrong with this industrial grade monster.

MR16 Series

Take your display lighting to the next level and start spotting the difference. The MR16s come in both GU5.3 and GU10 variations, with up to 4 different color variations – and can be used in any track with all modern LED dimmers.


The U-Bent tubes is an integrated turn-key solution for lighting fixtures with 2 foot fluorescent tubes. The U-Bent LED tube constellation effectively replaces 2 x 2 foot led tubes and are very easy to install. Try it yourself!


Be prepared to take your lighting to entirely new heights. With an even distribution of light as well as instant-on and dimming capabilities, you are now experiencing what we like to call Lighting 2.0. Oh – and do not forget the beneficial state and nationwide rebate programs that these troffers are eligible for.

Shoeboxes - Corn Series

With a staggering 138 lumens per watt the Hyperikon® Corn-series is an industry leader in terms of power and performance. The 360° light dispersion combined with its performance makes it the perfect lighting improvement compared to any existing HDS, HPS or LPS. Make your streets brighter and safer today!

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