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Solar Container


The sun is there for everyone! Now it can be used by everyone. The new Multicon Solar Multicontainer makes a self-sufficient power supply possible everywhere – decentralised, pollution-free and very inexpensive.

Solar Trailer


How? The Solar Trailer is equipped with fixed solar modules , which can be opened within a very short time – and a high-quality battery.
After the easy and fast setup, they provide energy together with the solar modules. The intelligent energy management system ensures maximum efficiency.
After sunset or with heavy cloud cover, the batteries can take over the power supply.

Energy Power Rack

Energy Power Rack

The Energy Power Rack is a mobile 6 kWp photovoltaic system that is installed in a 20-foot half-height container.
The system is placed on existing containers and provides energy immediately. Inside the half-height container are high-power modules, inverters, batteries (lithium iron phosphate) and an intelligent energy management system.

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